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Join board and association members and property managers and apartment building owners of 1,000 buildings.

Communicate with building service professionals.

Attend educational seminars.

Discover what’s new in the residential housing community.

Learn about services benefiting your board and homeowners.

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Attendee testimonials

"The success of this year’s Expo will prompt even more exhibitors to be there next year."
Gary Weinstein, board president
"Perfect Event!"
Irene Kanowitz, board member
"Keep doing the same thing. The show is great!"
Scott Shafer, contractor
"Can’t think of any improvements for the Expo. Thank you."
Tobius Simmons, board president
"I had a wonderful day. I loved the convenience of the location and the excitement of the exhibitors and presenters! Thank you for a job well done."
Theresa Silkie, attendee
"This was my third Expo and I always enjoy attending."
Sandra Kitt, board member

Exhibitor testimonials

"The expo experience is amazing here at The Cooperator. I would say it is the show to go to... why... because people actually arrive and I had a full house this morning at my 8 o'clock course and I am about the attend another vendor's course which looks like a full house so it really has been a great experience so far."
Jane Bolin, PeytonBolin
"It's a great place to share best practices, to learn from each other and to figure out better solutions for the communities that we serve.."
"We consider it to be the biggest show of the year so I would recommend it; I always do."

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